38 Valencia – State of Art Events Venue

38 Valencia Events Place is the newest state-of-art events place in the heart of New Manila, Quezon City where you can find elegance and complacency at the same time. The place that was first built as a school and a home of the one and only Superstar- Discover A Lot […]

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Red Carpet Theme Party. DreamARK Events * www.dreamarkevents.com *

Red Carpet Theme Party Decoration and rental service. Red carpet runner, Banner for Red Carpet Party, Special Balloons Stanchions, Flower Centerpieces. DreamARK Events. www.DreamARKevents.com | 954-560-0013 Hollywood theme event, Red carpet theme, Discover A Lot More

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70’s Disco Theme Birthday Parties & Events – NY, NJ, CT, PA

Remember the super seventies. When disco was king and John Travolta wore the crown. Now you can relive the 70’s disco dance craze in our “Boogie Nights” event spectacular. So if you’re celebrating your 50th birthday or 35th wedding anniversary, if Discover A Lot More

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