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Teksapiens.com Dallas SEO company talking about Google algorithm updates and Business SEO

http://dallasbestseo.com Dallas SEO Company Teksapiens LLC explains how recent panda and penguin google algorithm updates are actually a good thing for business owners. Now you can get your website to the top because all those companies that abused Discover A Lot More

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What is Google’s Algorithm – Revealed from an SEO Expert

Watch PART II of the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-NboHGGQlY http://www.gainwebsite.com/seo Google’s Ranking Formula has been cracked. Alec Shekhar of GainWebsite.com reveals what it is. This talk was given at the Delaware Economic Discover A Lot More

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Understanding Search Results for SEO, How Search Engines Work, Search Engine Algorithm

Understanding Search Results for SEO & How Search Engines Work Search term Results Snippet Primary elements Page title Page description URL Indented results Spiders, Bots and crawlers Make copies of websites and documents Website needs to be “readable” Algorithm Discover A Lot More

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