HOW TO: New Years Eve Party DIY Decor

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This year, I wanted to share with you a DIY video. I was thinking about doing a hair or makeup tutorial, but I didn’t have a ton of time this year and I wanted to do something fun and different. I know there is not a ton of time until the new year, but these DIYs are easy and FAST – plus it really only takes 3 main craft materials to make these: spray paint, glue, and glitter. The rest are things you can upcycle from your home, like wine bottles and cardboard boxes.

The deer head art is absolutely beautiful and so expensive looking – my mom thought I had bought it somewhere, but it only cost me about total to do. The star garland also looks super expensive – you would never know it is just cardboard dipped into glitter. My favourite DIY is the NYE bottle decor. It is a little over the top, glitzy, glam-y, and kitschy – but I love it. Perfect for New Years Eve. And really, what else are you doing with all those empty wine bottles (because, girl you KNOW I have looooaads of empty wine bottles).

The final DIY is more of a print out than a project. I have created the picture for you and it is available for a free download on my blog! You can find the link here:

I hope you like this as much as I do! Plus THUMBS UP the video if you want to see more of these DIYs. I really enjoyed making it and will make them more often if it is something you like to watch!




MATERIALS LIST (for when you go shopping)
– Gold glitter
– Gold spray paint
– Spray adhesive
– Modge Podge (or other white glue)
– Twine (or other rope)
– Glue gun (and don’t forget the actual plastic glue)
– Canvas (upcycle an old piece of art you do not like, or buy from the dollarstore for a cheap alternative to the art/craft store)
– White paper/printer/ink
– Old frame (I used 8’x10′)
– Cardboard (I used old Sephora boxes from the holidays)
– Empty wine bottles (for instructions on how to remove the label, check out my blog)
– Christmas ribbon
– Wooden letters (if you do not have wood and are short on time, use cardboard and cut out letters. This will work just as well!)

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