Breaking: Confirmed Leak Details Google’s Unethical Program To Influence SEO

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10 thoughts on “Breaking: Confirmed Leak Details Google’s Unethical Program To Influence SEO”

  1. Pretty soon Windows X/10, is not going to allow U.R.L.'s such as Infowars, or any other Conservative, small govt. promoting, old school liberal, Constitutionalist, live & let live type web site's!
    Already… Intel & A.M.D. have developed new chipset's that LIMIT YOUR ABILITY TO CONTROL YOUR OWN COMPUTER, not limited to but including NO O.S. BUT WINDOWS-X, VERY limited access to BIOS, limitations on what you can turn on or off, FORCED UPDATES, & BUILT IN SPYWARE THAT YOU CAN'T TURN OFF OR GET RID OF!

    This stuff is no joke! Censoring Infowars, Censoring the masses own ability to control what they can do, or what they are allowed to see or hear via Windows X, plus the new chipset's that ONLY ALLOW USE OF WINDOWS X! No use of older software is allowed!

    I don't have the resources, but for those that do, or may have such resources: Someone needs to develop a new Computer system, Hardware & Software, that can be free of Censorship & constraints!


  2. I generally don't put anything on facebook except you know…love, puppies, things like that. However, I just told everyone go to their senators and congressmen.

  3. Well guys, ALL you do is keep complaining about this. We have heard it daily for about a year. We get it. You are being silenced. You have been for at least a year. What have you guys done about it? Absolutely NOTHING except complain! Why are you not pushing sites like Gab? It's been months since anyone on Infowars even mentioned Gab. You all alone could give the site a serious boost! And who knows where it could go from there. Why are you NOT pushing other search engines? YOU have the power to start turning it around, yet all Infowars does is complain.

    I am a 100% Infowars supporter, but things like this make me crazy. Do something about it or stop complaining guys. I am going to stop watching vids with titles about Infowars being censored. It's the same old complaining with no real solution.

    You want other people to stand up for Infowars in this??? That is TOTALLY useless. They have the right to take you off the internet entirely. There is NOTHING you can do about legally or otherwise. The ONLY path is to choose a different path and cut your own trail into the jungle! They can legally close down your youtube channel, facebook twitter, etc. all on the same day. As Alex says, TAKE ACTION!!! Do it NOW, while you can still refer your youtube, twitter, etc. users to another site by linking to it and telling them about it!

  4. Jews/Khazars (like Kushner and Soros) are the main USA problem. They are behind CIA, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Uber, Starbucks, Wallstreet, political parties and all of Hollywood companies and most of media corporations and newspapers. They are the real enemies of humanity, they WILL start the 3RD WWar and they will establish NWO. Trump is their watchdog, exactly what Obama and all other American presidents were (except JFK).

  5. infowars please spearhead a plan to actually do something about this. write letters to fellow broadcasters coordinate events and make petitions. rally the troops to help you take actions. do as much as you can as quick as you can before you can't. the truth needs to reach millions more

  6. So why don't Conservatives make a new search engine and web that is not controlled by libtards, conservatives out number liberals anyway. On the same token that China made Google censor it's searches in China, Trump could outlaw the censoring practice in the US unless they cater to ALL thinking, including conservative thinking!

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