5 Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Photo Booth Hire

BoothPix are a leading supplier of party photo booth for hire in the UK based in the North West of England. As one of the originators of party photobooths in the UK, and with a background in professional photography, they are recognised experts both nationally and internationally.


Reason 1

They are fun for all ages, kids of all sizes love them, from 5yrs old to a 105yrs old! Especially if you hire a proper photo booth, you know the ones with a curtain to hide behind, some guests are just a little shy, that curtain gives them the confidence to ‘mis-behave’ and makes all the difference.

Reason 2

They are interactive, they involve participation and they get it! There is this mad scramble, its like a rugby maul, just for props, pushing and shoving in the queue to get into the booth, it’s chaos! Then you hear the noises coming out of the booth, literally howls of laughter and screams that’s just from the blokes! It’s as much fun for us standing outside watching the faces of those queuing listening to the antics going on inside the booth.

Reason 3

They get everyone talking, you see people hiding the photos as they appear checking them, peering at them and laughing at them, then they hug them, should they or shouldn’t they show, they all do! They come back again and again for more, they can’t wait to show someone. Anyone!

Reason 4

Brilliant favour — yes all those wonderful prints provide one of the most fun favours you can ever give, with your name as a constant reminder. You know those prints are going on the fridge door, the kitchen pinboard, and some in wallets and purses, those photos will be looked at daily for years to come and remembered with a smile! Better still one or two will find their way onto Facebook or similar and shared and talked about for years too. Some are so keen they can’t wait for the digital copies to be ready, they snap them on their phones and upload them. They’ll be talking about your wedding for a long, long time!

Reason 5

The best one last.

The album — its priceless! We still have couples tell us several years down the road, they look at the album created with the photo booth more than the official photographers! They do this for 2 reasons, the photos they felt better captured the true spirit of the celebration, not putting down the official photographers work, its just a different aspect. Secondly the photos alongside the comments from the guests truly are amazing. Usually there are a few more guests at the evening celebration than there was throughout the day, who may not appear in any other photo.

And finally if you hire the right photo booth, and I’ll do another video on that another day, the quality of the photos can be as good or even better than you’d get from a studio.

More photo booth videos http://www.youtube.com/user/boothpix

See our photo booth playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyBpRyujo73nEKR3NqOjjZrp8EB9I3i5s&feature=mh_lolz


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